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With the beginning of 2016 upon us, Corey Biggs 2015, was just bloody brilliant. The ending of the year was highlighted by the adaption remake of Sylvester - You Make Me Real vocals, No. 1 Billboard Chart in Europe & America, in 1978, being licensed for the original creation of Corey Biggs, Cheetah Appeal (Original Mix) released on Proud Runs Deep in November 2015. What makes this the unorthodox of orthodox is this is the same year birth of Corey J. Tronchin aka Corey Biggs aka alias Rockstar in the year his August 5th born-date.Honestly, Just mania, unreal in creation to re-creation being of reality of a compelling true creative signature artist....In 2015 , Corey Biggs, and his aliases Rockstar had 32 releases, 6 albums, 24 single & ep releases, 32 remixes, & 27 appearances on Compilations. Label releases in 2015 have included labels, Bonzai Music, Frequenza Records, Subwoofer Records, DC10 Records, DC10VIP, Hungry Koala Records, Proud Sound, Proud Runs Deep, Pata Pata Recording, MMXV Licenses & Hontas Records.Corey Biggs is the Label Owner of Professional Rockstars & Music Is The Drug. In its 1st year of 2015, Music Is the Drug released 24 releases & Professional Rockstars Records, 16 releases. The Label Artist in 2015 have included, Paul2Paul, Tonikattitude, Ian Ludvig, Rockstar, NoizX, Javi Xavier, Nikos Akrivos,AudiTech, Laylae, Clarence Brandon, Nino Bellemo, Mike Anderson, Corey Biggs, Clawz SG,Absolence, Rockstar, Acidtoyz, Goldenfiner, Cross Beat, Silver Ocean, DJ Baloo, Rhythm Staircase,Niko Charidis, Pierot Brunetti, Henek, Pegasus 303, NoizX, Scott Mason, SS Ventura, Ian Ludvig,Ramme, Livio Sandro, Cory Friesenhan, Dom Digital, Oris de Cueva, Tony Dee, Sibaritas, Tomy DeClerque, , Scott Mason, H3Ni, & Acki,Corey Biggs Presents Music Is The Drug Radio, has continued its 4 year reign each week in perfection on over 50 Fm & Internet Radio Stations worldwide and is syndicated by Syndicast. The show has been the internal platform over the 4 years in building that awareness of the many elite producers from all over the world providing their exclusive one hour excitement to vision of listener thru speaker.The Music Direction of Corey Biggs is Music Creation in truth and being. Each radio show, performance is new music creation additions. His producing ideals are the Oracle 4 The Lord Chief musician, thought of thinking , therefore his