Dj Le-Roy

Dj Le-Roy started in the 90s playing the house sounds, at his homebase in the City "Goes", Holland. And even a few years later at local parties playing 'The Southside Boogie' style. In the course of this, all his styles and his music evolved more and more into a mix of different styles of house with Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk and Soul influences. Together with his friends he started a local club night named "Real Housemusic". And what once was a way to have some fun and to play some records, soon evolved into one of the hottest club nights in the region. Nowadays, DJ Le-Roy has several monthly residencies where he plays his sounds, alongside DJs Like Tommy Largo and Brian S. In 2011 he started his radio show "The Southside Goes Boogie", which became part of the Clubstream in 2017.